13 Instagram Story ideas to start engaging your followers

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Nov 8, 2018
Marti Mendoza

Instagram Stories have taken over social media since its launch with over 400 million daily active users.

This number is doubled that of Snapchat users, which originally started the stories feature in the social media field.

When it comes to vertical videos and stories, there is a new king town, and it is not Snapchat.

Using Instagram Stories is a great way to reach an audience, promote your product, show off to your followers, and post whatever else you want the world to see.

No wonder brands are flocking in to increase their engagement through Instagram Stories.

Here are some ideas that will help you up your game when it comes to Instagram Stories and create content that will attract attention and draw in followers to your account.

1. Fashion and Clothing

Posting your chic and trendy #OOTD on Instagram stories would be a great way to put out engaging content on a daily basis. Your snazzy outfits, along with tips and tricks will attract an audience interested in fashion advice.

Constantly updating your Instagram stories with different brands and outfit ideas is important in keeping an audience engaged.


2. Travel and Hospitality

Who doesn’t love to see a pretty sunset or clear blue water? If you’re near some nice scenery, a picture or video of your view is perfect for Stories.

Using Instagram Stories as a mini vlog during vacation is also a way to create engaging content. Your followers would want to see what you’re up to and will keep checking back for updates.

This is a perfect time to use the Locations feature that Stories has to highlight where you are.


3. Food and Beverages

Something that is going viral these days are videos and pictures of food. Showing quick step by step videos of easy recipes or your meal for the day will draw in many viewers.

Have a new recipe on your website? Post it on your Instagram Story to drive attention and attract an audience.

Tips and tricks in meal prepping is another idea people want to see. Everyone has to eat and with the busy lives that everyone has, anything to make their lives simpler is good content to put out.


4. Restaurants and Bars

Having Stories that show the best spots in town is a great way to attract viewers to your profile. Or have your own restaurant to advertise? Instagram Stories is a great way to do this.

Posting a video of the food you’re about to eat or you and your friends bonding over drinks is not only relatable, but it will attract the audience that is looking for new spots to try out.

This is also an ideal place to use the Locations feature to show where you are and where the best bars and restaurants in town are.


5. Retail and Consumer Merchandise

Everyone has something they’ve been obsessing over lately. This may be a clothing brand you found or new reusable water bottles in the market.

Giving them a shout out on your Instagram Story by posting a picture or video of their product and tagging them is a great way to network and gain more viewers to your account.

With all of these ideas, adding #hashtags is always a sure fire way to increase engagement. People randomly searching through their Explore feed or specifically searching for a topic can come across your account and posts through hashtags.


6. eCommerce

Have an eCommerce business you want to promote? 

Advertising this on your Instagram Stories can bring more attention to your website and increase sales of your products.

Put the link on the swipe up more feature for easy access to your website.

7. Political

Use Instagram Stories for your campaigns and to advocate your views. Create and post ads that will catch the eye of viewers, increase your sales, and hopefully win your campaign.

Posting ads that work will drive an audience and increase your following.

Note: learn how to add custom Gif stickers to your Instagram story.

8. Tech and Electronics

People are always wanting to know about the latest news on tech and electronics. Posting Stories about new technology will draw in viewers to see what gadget, app, etc. you have on your Story today.

Tagging the company or brand is also a way to network and catch the attention of their followers.

Just like with all the others, the more you post, the better. This way your account can eventually be a reliable source for new tech that viewers will want to come back for more.


9. Pets and Pet Supplies

Just like with pretty sunsets, who doesn’t want to see cute puppy pictures? Filling your Story with your pet and popular pet products will increase your audience and promote the products you are using.

Connect with other pet accounts by tagging them is a wonderful way to increase your engagement with other pet lovers.



Gifs and memes are a creative way to advertise or show off a product. They can be approached in an artistic way like this one or many of them are meant to be funny.


Funny gifs and memes are one of the top things that go viral these days. Posting some on your story will leave people coming back for more. These are always relatable, which makes them an easy hit for everyone.

11. Trailers and Promos

Use Stories to show snippets and trailers of movies and tv shows that will excite the audience to watch the whole thing. This is a great way to advertise the movie or show and get plenty of eyes to tune in.


12. Health and Beauty

Post your top health and beauty tips to promote your latest routines and also attract influencers to your trends. Advertising the products you use will drive the attention of many viewers.


13. Media and News Publishing

Many media and news companies use Stories to increase views on their website. It can also be used to share breaking news that has just been released or the latest juicy news in Hollywood.

Use the swipe up feature on Stories to link the new blog post and get more clicks on your website.


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