25 Places to find free music for your video editing

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Oct 25, 2018
Timur Daudpota

We all know the facts, we cannot run from it, we can not hide from them and they're everywhere.

The fact is “video” is eating the internet. ~ P.S if anyone asked I coined the term.

Just one google search and you find a plethora of data backing importance of video.

Anyone that is anywhere closely related to the video arena is regurgitating this data to sell there stuff like hotcakes, (Explainer Videos, Video Creation Service, Video Marketing.)

Data like.

80% of all internet traffic will come from video.

90% of all customers said video helped make there buying decisions.

45% of people what more than half hour worth of videos on Facebook.

80%  is the engagement number when people watch vertical videos.

One thing I know from video editings is most of the time is spent on searching for music.

Don’t believe me here is the chart to prove it.

So In order to make all our lives easier, I have created a list where you search for amazing background music for your videos.  

Chuki Beats

Chuki hip-hop is another YouTube channel which provides free to use high-quality music. The downloads are available on Soundcloud or Google Drive and are royalty free. They upload all sorts of hip hop instrumental beats, including Chill beats, Relaxing instrumentals, Old school hip hop beats, New School trap hip-hop beats, Dreamy and Trippy Instrumentals, etc.


Vexento is a YouTube channel which provides free to use high-quality music. The downloads are available on Soundcloud or Google Drive and are royalty free.

Vlog Non Copyright Music  

Vlog Non-Copyrighted Music promotes great music that's free to download and use on YouTube and Twitch videos, always giving credit to the artist. All the music can be used by any YouTube or Twitch streamer for their monetized content. All our background music is 100% safe to use for your content.


Frequency is to be the worlds home of top notch electronic house music. Most of there music can be used freely on YouTube & Twitch without getting any copyright infringement.

Ben sound

Bensound provides more than 70 stock tracks categorized within 8 genres. These tracks can be used for animations, corporate videos, short films, and much more. It offers 3 options for licensing the tracks: the free Creative Commons license, Standard, and Extended Licenses for an unlimited time, and National and International TV/Radio Advertising License for 1 year.

Youtube Audio Libary

You can find more than 150,000 audio tracks in Youtube Audio Library which can be used as background music for your videos. Today, YouTube is expanding the library with new royalty-free tracks, which can be downloaded, remixed and used in creative projects.

Purple Planet

Royalty-free music ideal for film-makers and media projects such as youtube, advertising and background music for the video.


Incompetech offers a wide variety of free audio tracks of different genres, including Blues, Classical, Rock, etc. You can use those tracks for free by providing the credits in return. Besides, they have a standard licensing option. You can listen and download each track in MP3 without creating an account there. The tracks are free, but donations are accepted starting from $5.

Epidemic sound

The purpose of Epidemic Sound is to create possibilities for both the ones who compose music and the ones who use it. They provide three plans of unlimited royalty free music for YouTube channels: Starter, Professional, Epic. You can subscribe to the ever-growing library of over 30.000 high-quality tracks and over 60,000 sound effects. Once you subscribe, you will get a 30-day free trial.

Free Stock Music

Find royalty-free music for your YouTube videos or projects (blog, vlog, podcast, social network, etc.)


TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music! All music hosted here is covered under CC 4.0. There are 1475 music tracks here and new music is added to this site every week.

Music Screen

The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads directed by WFMU, the most renowned freeform radio station in America. Radio has always offered the public free access to new music. The Free Music Archive is a continuation of that purpose.

Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive is directed by WFMU, an American radio station. It’s a library of high-quality audio tracks which are pre-cleared for different types of uses. All the tracks have been hand-picked by their audio curators. The FMA is a platform for collaboration between curators and artists, including radio stations, netlabels, music festivals, etc. While the Free Music Archive is free and open to anyone, audio content is curated, and permission to upload/edit content is given on an invitation basis.

Fat Rat

Free Stock Music gives royalty free music tracks which can be used freely and legally in any kind of project. The free music library is updated daily and you have a great chance to find the perfect music for your project. The license provided by the platform allows you to use the tracks for all types of creative content production and distribution.

Audio Micro

AudioMicro provides the web's best collection of royalty free music and sound effects at affordable prices. Our contributors are GRAMMY-winning composers and Oscar-winning sound effects artists and production houses.

Free Background Music

FreeBackgroundMusic is a record label which is based on providing FREE BACKGROUND MUSIC with Creative Commons License and music without Copyright for presentation and video creators on YouTube.

A Shamaluev Music

On this site, you will find music mostly in the style of the cinematic, corporate, rock, pop, children's.

Melody Loops

You can use free Melody Loops music in your personal or commercial projects in terms of the License Agreement. All free music is AdRev-free and ready to use in YouTube videos

Freeback Ground Tracks

Freebackgroundtracks.net is the place where you can easily browse, listen, choose great background music for your video or advert.


Jamendo is an open community which connects independent artists and music lovers. It’s the first platform to legally share music for free from different creators under Creative Commons licenses. The platform has a wide catalogue of more than 500,000 tracks by 40,000 artists from over 150 countries all over the world. You can stream all the tracks for free, download them and support the artists.

Free Play Music

Freeplay Music is a music library with a wide variety of high-quality music and clients from all over the world. The pricing options vary for different industries and use. You can choose from Advertising, Business, Education, Film, Shows and promos, Youtube, and personal. The platform has an agreement with YouTube which lets you use all the tracks in the library for free on your personal YouTube channel.


CCmixter is a music discovery site which has instrumental music for films and videos, free music for commercial projects, and music for video games. They offer three copyright options: free to use, even in commercial projects but with proper credits to the musicians, free to use only in non-commercial projects with credits to the musicians, and royalty free fee without any restrictions. The site contains over 10,000 samples from a wide range of recording artists, including artists such as Beastie Boys and David Byrne.


BeatPick is a boutique licensing company which has a rich music library with over 30,000 high-quality music tracks of different styles. Find songs with their search engine, license the music online, download and test music before licensing. You can use the tracks in films, videos, advertisements, games, presentations, etc. If you need music for a commercial project and you’re short of time, submit your request and they’ll send the recommended music for your needs. This service is free of charge.

EDM Royaltyfree

At EDM Royalty Free, you can find the best royalty free background music for your projects. The tracks are categorized by the genres: Hip Hop, Fashion, Corporate, Motivational, Chill, EDM, etc. They have four types of licensing: Free Music License, Standard License, Small Broadcast License, Film Broadcast License, and Film Broadcast License.

Facebook Sound Collection

Facebook Sound Collection will let you discover thousands of high-quality music tracks and sound effects which can be used in your videos. The collection is owned by Facebook, so they are free to use in videos created and shared on Facebook and Instagram. The platform is enhanced with easy-to-use discovery tools which can help you find tracks through different filters.

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