72 questions you can ask to understand your customers

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Oct 12, 2018
Timur Daudpota

We spend most of the time talking to our customer, and that is what you have to do in the first years of your business. Non-sexy stuff that does not scale.

Yeah it is fun to dream about getting million dollars in revenue, but if you can not get first few customers to pay you then you will never get 1,000 or 10,000 to bite

Remember fluffy talk will get you killed.

We are getting too caught up in with the surge of growth hackers, that have so-called fancy methodology and metrics, but when you are just starting out there is no need to get fancy.

That is why is it important to hit the pavement and start talking to your customers. Hold their hand walk them throw the product give live demos and get their credit cards.  

The problem all of us have is not that we don’t ask questions but we don’t ask the right questions. and there is no standardization across the team to ask these question

This diagram will help you come up with the right questions.  

Start by asking yourself, what is the the Main Question you are trying to find the answer to.

  1. Are you trying to learn about your competitors.
  2. Are you trying to Improve your product or service.
  3. Are you trying to To Improve Your website.

And then craft your questions based on that, for Blurbiz it was

  1. How do we find our customers?
  2. How do we build our demand?

Using those Main Questions we dug a little deeper. And created Supporting Question.

  1. How do my customers buy products like mine today?
  2. Where do my customers congregate to be with people like them?
  3. Where do my customers get their information personally?
  4. Where do my customers get their information professionally?
  5. Who do my customers look up to?
  6. Who do my customers trust?
  7. What time of year is most important and relevant to my target customers?

Now we need create Probing Questions so our users and customers can understand.

  1. Which do you use more; tv, smartphone, or laptop?
  2. Do you read paper books, magazines or read online?
  3. What kind of books, magazine or online blogs and news site do you like to read?
  4. What is your name/age/gender/job title?

(Note: You can also use their email to find their linkedin profile using Sales Navigator)

  1. How did you find us?
  2. What prompted you to find a solution?
  3. What challenge or problem does our business solve for you?

Here is a list of 72 questions you can ask your customers and users

To Improve Customer Service
1. Were you greeted in a friendly manner?
2. Did our staff answer your questions?
3. Did you find our staff helpful and courteous?
4. Were you served promptly?
5. How can we make your experience even better?

To Solve Problems
6. Is our product/service no longer useful to you?
7. Did the price of our product/service cause you to leave?
8. Have you decided to test out a competitor?
9. What would you like to see changed?
10. What would you say about your experience?

To Showcase Your Strengths
11. How has our product/service made an impact on you/your business/your lifestyle?
12. What is your favorite thing about our product/service?
13. What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?
14. Has any part of our business exceeded your expectations?
15. How would you rate your experience? (out of 5 or 10)

To Improve Your Product or Service
16. Which features do you love?
17. Which features aren’t useful to you?
18. Which features do you wish we had?
19. What would you change about our product/service?
20. Are our products/services priced appropriately?

To Understand Your Customers’ Needs
21. What challenge or problem does our business solve for you?
22. How do you measure these challenges? (expenses, revenue, time, leads, clicks, etc.)
23. How long did you use our product or service before seeing results?
24. What prompted you to find a solution?
25. How could we make this solution more effective for you?

To Understand Your Customers
26. What is your name/age/gender/job title?
27. Do you read paper books, magazines and newspapers, or read online?
28. Which do you use more; tv, smartphone, or laptop?
29. Which do you prefer; quick and convenient or detailed and customized?
30. Do you use free trials/coupons/offers?

To Improve Marketing Message
31. How did you find us?
32. How long have you been a customer?
33. What made you want to try us?
34. Did you use a competitor before us?
35. How often do you use our product/service?

To Learn About Competitors
36. What were you using before you found us?
37. What did you like about the previous product/service(s)?
38. What caused you to leave?
39. What does our business do better?
40. Is there anything you miss about the previous product/service(s)?

To Improve Your Website
41. Have you used or visited our website?
42. Was it easy to find?
43. What were you looking for on the website? Did you find it?
44. Was the website easy to use?
45. What would you change about it

To Improve Your Blog
46. What is the one thing you would add to this blog?
47. How easy was this blog to read?
48. Do you think we could have done this blog even better?
49. Do you like the way our authors write?
50. Whose write up interests you the most?
51. Do you feel our blogs are informative?
52. How well are our image choices for the blogs?
53. How often do you read our posts?
54. Would you want to add any other category to our portal?
55. What are the other blog portals you like?
56. What categories should we concentrate more on?
57. Would you subscribe to our new posts?
59. Would you like to send us some of your writes up?
60. Which one will you choose as the best blog?
62. Will you guest blog for us?

To Improve Your E-commerce Site
63. Did you find the product you were looking for?
64. What do you think of our today’s deal?
65. How easy was our navigation throughout your purchase journey?
66. Do you think our website matches your search style?
67. If not us who do you buy this product from?
68. How efficient are we compared to other e-commerce sites?
69. Do we have everything that you want?
70. Would you come back to us for your next purchase?
71. Was our checkout process easy?
72. Do you think our payment process is trustworthy?

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