8 Brands that have mastered Instagram stories

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Nov 20, 2018
Marti Mendoza

Instagram Stories is the new way for brands to advertise their products and reach an audience. It is an easy and efficient way to promote your brand, announce new products and highlight popular items.

Here are some popular brands using Instagram Stories and ways you can better market your own name on Instagram.

1) Nike

Nike uses plenty of brand ambassadors to promote their products and account. Instagram takeovers are a good way to successfully use Stories. This means they get a famous celebrity to run their Story for the day showing off the brand.

Whenever people know a famous celebrity they rave over is going to be on a brand’s Story, this will automatically increase the viewers of that brand.

Nike also makes special ads to individually highlight their shoes.

2) Converse

Converse is really great at making their Stories colorful and pop. It is attractive to the consumers, which will make them want to buy the shoes. Even though Converse is already a well known brand, they still put forth a lot of effort into their advertisements, which work.

3) BarkBox

BarkBox already knows who is watching their Stories and who is interested in their product. They know that cute dogs will catch the eye of dog lovers that are wanting to buy a subscription, so they implement this into their Stories. It is also important to engage their followers, so they post plenty of polls, question, and answers and use hashtags that increase their following.

4) Sephora

Sephora effectively uses Instagram Stories as well. Being that their focus is makeup, what better way to promote products than by doing tutorials showcasing the products. Not only will this highlight the brands used, but also teach people tips and tricks on different looks and how to do their own makeup.

5) Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed’s Stories consist of a lot of promoting new posts and blogs on their website using the swipe up more feature. They also do many polls, quizzes and question and answers to engage their audience. On their Buzzfeed's Tasty Instagram, they do tutorials of cooking videos that entertain their followers.

6) Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure posts beautiful scenery and locations from all around the world. They spotlight different countries in their stories showing the best spots and adventures to do while there. Doing a vlog type Story connects them with their following in a more intimate setting compared to their usual well-edited Instagram posts.

7) GoPro

GoPro’s Stories are usually of crazy adventures showing off their product. This shows their viewers the extent of what their cameras can handle and the quality of the footage it can shoot. They also post deals and promotions they have on their website to advertise their products and increase sales.

8) E! News

E! News uses stories to post the latest news on Hollywood and other hot topics. They also do celebrity takeovers, which greatly increase their viewers and engagement. Using the swipe up more feature to advertise new articles add traffic to their website as well.

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