8 ways to use templates on your Instagram Story

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Dec 1, 2018
Marti Mendoza

Making your Instagram Stories eye-catching and attractive shouldn’t take up a lot of your time. You can easily make your Stories and feed instantly better than it was before by using templates.

By having Stories and a feed that are stunning to look at, this will greatly increase your engagement and influence in social media.

Here are some ways you can do this.

1) Promoting a blog or website

Instead of just posting a screenshot of your website, put some spark to your post by using a template such as the one below. This will catch the eye of your followers for a higher chance of swiping up to your blog.

2) Announcing a new product or event

Make your announcement pop by using an attractive template that shows off your new product. Your followers are going to want to see what is new with your business, blog or whatever else you may be promoting. This will lead to more traffic to your website as well.

3) Question and Answers

A good way to engage and attract followers are doing question and answers. People want to see the real side of the accounts they follow, so this will introduce you to a deeper level to others.

4) Having a sale or promotion

Promoting your brand or having a sale on your website? Create an eye-catching ad for your Instagram Story by using a template. This will make your Story aesthetically pleasing to take your account to another level. It can also increase your sales and traffic.

5) Food and recipes

People are always attracted to seeing food posts on Instagram. Make your posts appealing by using a template that will make this very easy to do. Put recipes and other healthy tips on your Story to attract an audience.

6) Tips and tricks

Posting quick tips and tricks on your Story is a wonderful way to make an audience keep coming back to your Story. People are always looking for ways to better their lives, so posting an eye-catching and well-made post will be loved by your followers.

7) Travel

Take that already pretty picture of the sunset to another level by putting it on a template. This will add character to your Story and make you seem like your own professional graphic designer.

8) Motivational quotes

Quotes are great to post on your Story no matter what type of brand or business you have. Everyone is always in need of an uplifting encouragement or saying when looking through their feed and Stories, so this is a great way to attract and engage your followers.

Have fun becoming your own graphic designer by trying out these templates! They will definitely give a spark to your Instagram life and make your content so much better.

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Marti Mendoza

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