Custom Meme Generator: How to make custom Memes

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Apr 30, 2019
Timur Daudpota

So many solutions out there really limit your creativity and templatize the whole process and limit your freedom.

Blurbiz really allows you to push beyond the box, and create memes that you were always meant to create.

It is as easy as

  1. Uploading (Video, Image and GIF you want to make the meme from)
  2. Arranging the size and position.
  3. Adding Text, Emojis, Background color.
  4. Downloading

This article will guide you through the whole process and show some great examples.


Use Youtube

We all know we can contribute Youtube as the source of most Video Memes. That is why we made it super easy to important videos from Youtube, all you have to do is copy and paste the video URL and click import.

Keep in mind all your Youtube video needs to be under 5 minutes.

Custom Meme Generator


Here is a quick example


Another great place to look for when making custom memes is Giphy.

Here is how AwesomenessTV does it

Custom Meme Generator

AwesomenessTV does a great job looping a GIF to make a video meme. This Video is 30 seconds long.

So lets recreate one for ourselves and start by browsing Giphy.  Once we got the meme we want save and import into Blurbiz.

From there it easy to add time making it 30 seconds long, text, emojis and change background color.

Custom Meme Generator

Here is the final video.

Use Imgur

Imgur is literally meme galore not only you can find great content but you can automatically see what is trending.   

You can use this to your advantage to churn out content.

Custom Meme Generator

Once you have found the clip you want to use do ahead and save the video to your computer and upload to Blurbiz and click “EDIT”.You can easily change the size arranging the size and position, Add Text, Emojis, Background color.

Custom Meme Generator

You can easily change the size arranging the size and position, Add Text, Emojis, Background color.

Custom Meme Generator

Once done hit the “COMPLETE” button, give it a few minutes while your did renenders, once done you can Preview the final video and Download it.

Here is what it will look like.

Upload your own Pictures and Video

Or you can just upload your own videos and Image to generate your very own meme.

Custom Meme Generator

Happy custom meme making

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