How does NowThis News gets its news content?

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Dec 1, 2017
Timur Daudpota

I ran an experiment a while back on how companies like NowThis and BuzzFeed get their content.

The number one place that NowThis sources its Images from is Tumblr. This is where The Dress was discovered. Instagram, Getty Images, and Youtube round out the top 4.

In terms of News and seeing what is trending, NowThis hits the Reddit community that is the source of their power. NowThis is sourcing all of its content from Reddit.

If you a wondering how does NowThis find News, like videos before they go viral they hit up hit the reddit.

Hit the Reddit Videos section, see what it trending a will fit in with your brand take the content and distribute it.

If you thinking about how to make videos like NowThis, I wrote a post on that here.

For whatever reason, Reddit doesn’t have its own image and video hosting. Instead, most people upload the content to Imgur or just link to the original source of the media on a place like Tumblr or Youtube for example.

Long story short, use the Reddit community as a mechanism to discover the content, get the content that is hosted from somewhere else, like Imgur, Instagram, Youtube.

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Timur Daudpota

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