How to make videos like NowThis?

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Nov 30, 2017
Timur Daudpota

There are many tools that you can use to create videos, by default Adobe has rule the playing field, so more than likely NowThis is combing Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premiere.

Newer tools have also entered the playing felid that makes it much easier for people use that are cloud-based.

One of those tools is called Blurbiz (Social video creation at the speed of light).

Without further ado. here is how you can make your own videos like NowThis.

Step 1: Once you have created your account, Login Blurbiz, Create a project, Upload your short videos clips or images on to the platform.

Step 2: Arrange your video clips in the order you want them to play. the cool thing is that you can also mash content to gather like GIF’s, Images and Videos together to create one seamless video.

Step 3: Hover over the frame and click the edit button.

Step 4: Add Text and Resize to fit Square Frame, Edit the video that you have Uploaded, Resize it down to fit into a square frame, Add Text.

Step 5: Upload a PNG file which you will use as a watermark.

Step 6: Move the PNG, here you can scale it and rotate it, but we will move it into the top right corner.

You can also adjust the video timeline, cut out the parts that you don’t need.

Step 7: once you are done all you have to do is hit the “complete” button in the top right-hand corner.

you can preview your video.

Step 8: Share your video on Facebook and see how it performs with your audience! Test to see what works best for your fans and watch your audience grow in no time.


You can also download the video by clicking the download button and you can upload it anywhere you like like I did and you can see the final video below.


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Timur Daudpota

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