How to make videos like QS Study?

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Nov 1, 2018
Timur Daudpota

How to make videos like QS Study?

If you look at how QS Study makes there facebook videos. They all have similar structure they follow, they vary time to time but the main elements remain the same.



Download your Video

  1. Go to
  2. Find the video that you want (make sure it is not longer than 4 mins)
  3. Once you have found the video copy and paste the video to a youtube video downloader
  1. We recommend
  2. Make sure the video is download in MP4 format.

Create an account

  1. Go to
  2. Hit Sign Up
  3. If you already have an account just Log in

Create a new project

  1. Click the Create Project button on top
  2. Name your project and click Create

Import content to Blurbiz

  1. You can Drag and Drop your video or hover or Add Media Files button and click computer.
  2. Find the files that you just downloaded and upload them


Editing Content

This is where the fun begins.

  1. Once your files are done uploading, hover over and click the Edit button or you can also click the Edit button right next to Add Media Files

Click on Square 1.1 button and the platform will automatically adjust your video to a square format.

Add Text and Stickers

  1. Add text click the Text icon on the top left column, drag and drop the heading on top of your video. Set your desired position you can easily change your font option. From size, style, color, spacing and more.
  1. Go to Google Images and search for Sticker or Emoji that you want to use.
  1. You need to make sure that the picture and stickers or emojis .png file format.

Note: the best way to find png images when google searching is to put png at the end of whatever you are searching for. The key is to find a .png file with a transparent background. Below can see how.


  1. Download the Emoji or Sticker that you want to use.

  1. Upload the Emoji or Sticker (.png file)  from your desktop Upload icon on the top left column, once your sticker has been uploaded, you can drag and drop the sticker on top of your video.

Note: If you want to change the background from white to another color, upload different color rectangle adjust to the desired position and then add white text on top of it.


Crop the Video

  1. You can crop the length of video by dragging the timeline bars and bring it to there desired length.

Note: you can preview while you crop.

Click Complete and Download

  1. Just hit the Complete on the top right corner, once you are happy with your editing. Let it render it might take a few mins.
  1. Once the video is complete you can play the video and the last thing that is left is to download the video, click the Download button in the top right corner and your video will download mp4 format.  

Here is the Final Video

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Timur Daudpota

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