How to Make Videos Longer

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Apr 27, 2019
Timur Daudpota

There are few ways to make your video longer, with plethora of 2 to 7 second videos roaming the in the interwebs. Partially because of apps like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat and partially of our short attention span.

Websites such as youtube and other places have minimum length requirements. So what do you when you want to make your videos longer well there are a few ways you can do that using Blurbiz.

Add Intro and Outro

This is one of the best ways to make your videos longer, by adding an Intro before your video and an outro after your video.

The Intro can be your logo and the Outro can be something like a “call to action” that tells the viewer to visit your website, give you a like, follow or subscribe. It also make your video look more well polished.

How to Make Videos Longer

Add more time to Images and GIFs

With Blurbiz you can add time to Images and GIFs all the way from 1 second to 30 seconds. You can even apply this to your Intros and Outros if they are images.

So creating video memes from GIFs is a breeze.

How to Make Videos Longer

Loop / Duplicate your video

Looping or Duplicating your video, pretty much means making multiple copies of your video and merging them together.  So for example if you have a video that is 7 seconds long and you make 4 copies of it and merged them together your final video will be 24 seconds long. You start looping videos as well


If you are doing this for Instagram, Download Boomerang for Android or iOS. They have built the Boomerang app to play short clips forwards then backwards.

Happy Elongating!

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