How to Merge and Combine Videos?

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Mar 19, 2019
Timur Daudpota

Not only can you merge multiple videos together, you can also merge videos with Images and gifs.

You can even import multiple videos from Youtube and merge them together.

So how to merge videos using Blurbiz?

Create a new project, once the project is created, click Add Media Files and from there you can either upload content from your desktop or import videos from YouTube. Simply click the URL button, paste the YouTube URL and click Import.

How to Merge Videos

Once you have uploaded the videos that you wanted, go click the Edit button and it will take you to the editing page.

How to Merge Videos

You can easily arrange the order of your videos and picture, by dragging and dropping frames in the timeline.

How to Merge Videos

You can also crop your video down to size by previewing and dragging the slider to where you want your video to be trimmed from.

How to Merge Videos

From here you can easily add text, emoji and gifs and change the background color.

How to Merge Videos

Once you are done with your video, click complete and it will merge all your videos together.  

How to Merge Videos

Once done you can easily play your final video and download it as well.

How to Merge Videos

Here is the completed video.

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