Winning readers with social-first game plan

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Sep 23, 2017
Timur Daudpota

In the today’s race for readers, how can we compete with Buzzfeed, Vox and Tasty’s of the world and win?

Easy, stop competing with traditional media like Fox, CNBC and Comcast and broadened your view to include, Buzzfeed, Vox, Facebook and Instagram.We need to own the complex nature of digital content and, that begins with, make content that is digital first.

Make it your strength to be a social first publisher, rinse and repeat until you have gotten the formula down.

We all have to start by looking ahead, looking for next week’s angel, next conversation starter, to engage your ravenous audience and reach. And the best part is you can reach them almost immediately.

The biggest mistake we are all making when it comes to reaching our fans is that we are reaching for volume, why? because the manager has to show numbers and the number of views has become the key metric that has to make it on the powerpoint side to show ROI.

I can buy views for $5 and that does not matter. Instead, we outta be focusing on social triggers.

Producers and content managers need to identify nuggets, “Donald Trump tweeted what???” Or “Elon Musk is making a Time Machine!” those things never failed to get attention.

And yes that means, tailoring clips for each platform and yes it is a painstaking process. Do it long enough and you will distinguish yourself as original content creator.

So here are some stats for all the data-driven people, 90% of mobile users spend their time on 5 apps and you can bet your bitcoin that one of those apps is Facebook and Instagram.

It is all about attention and we are competing for time.

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Timur Daudpota

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